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Aim Low is a modern recording studio (UA Apollo, Pro Tools) with an emphasis on the song. Mason says, "I can do all the digi editing moves, sure. But my secret weapon is time. I'd rather take our time to get a tight arrangement and a good-feeling recording and not spend hours editing. I'll put in the hours to make sure a mix hits the way it should. And if you like, we can do pre-production to work on the arrangements so they are ready to rip."

Aim Low is a 16 track studio with room to stretch out. Live, full-band recordings are absolutely possible. The interface is fed by API, BAE, and Manley preamps. Available for albums, songs, overdubs, anything. Two small dogs (pictured) are available for background vocals and trouble-making. 


Every note you hear on Morning People was recorded at Aim Low, Mason's studio on Beacon Hill in Seattle, Washington.  

If the songs, sounds, or grooves on Morning People appeal to you, you can collaborate with Mason for recordings, songwriting, arranging, and other aspects of music production. Just pop him a cool little email using the  form below.

Let's Collab!

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